「英語版:Living in Japan: How to Open a Bank Account and Send Money(English)(PDF:1,270KB)」

the Special Cash Payments
<Sanda City>
*Application for Sanda Special Fixed Benefit (Special Cash Payments)
*News Letter
*申請書(English) Special fixed benefit (Special Cash Payments) Application<Guide for filing the form>

*Foreign Residents Can Receive 100,000 Yen
*Guide to Special Cash Payments (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
Application Form 1 Application Form 2
List of Major Support related to COVID-19

●Japanese Class “Nihongo Salon SANDA”

Any foreign residents who would like to learn Japanese
are welcome to join “Nihongo Salon Sanda”.
<Place>Sanda Public Community Center
(In front of JR Sanda Sta./Kippy Mall 6th floor)
<Day and Time>
Monday Class 10:00~12:00
Thursday Class 18:30~20:00
Saturday Class 13:30~15:30
<Fee>  3,300 yen for half year 【with tax
   (from April to September, or from October to March)